November 30, 2015

Self-Protection, Public and Private Safety

I don’t believe that one among us wasn’t moved to one degree or another following the horrible events in Paris, or recoils at the tragedy being […]
August 2, 2015

Tueller, 21 Feet, Situational Awareness, Stress

Tueller, 21 Feet, Situational Awareness, Stress   Today’s ramblings include: The Tueller Drill; making self-defense decisions; accepting that you are on the X and how to […]
July 15, 2015

Self-Defense Exclusion Zones

Self-Defense Exclusion Zones Today’s missive includes: Social justice (Kinda…well, not really), self-defense as a moral imperative, understanding how violent crime is reported and what it means […]
July 8, 2015

Where Are The Students? (Or, come play in our shoothouse!)

Where Are The Students? -Come play in our shoothouse Starting a new business is tough in any industry, starting a new business oriented toward the firearms […]