Meet Our Instructors

Joseph Lynch, Founder, Chief Instructor:
Joe is a Maryland State Police certified, Qualified Handgun Instructor, NRA certified handgun, rifle, and personal protection instructor. Joe is a Veteran of the U.S. Army Infantry, 8 years including a combat tour. He has multiple decorations including a Presidential Meritorious Unit Citation and a Combat Infantryman’s Badge for ground combat operations in the Republic of Panama during Operation Just Cause. Joe is well trained and experienced on numerous firearms and weapon systems including, M4/M16/AR15 platform, M14/M21, multiple crew served automatic weapons as well as high-angle indirect fire weapons systems. Joe has spent the 20 years prior to founding ADS as a registered nurse gaining countless hours of emergency and trauma care experience in addition to combat life-saving training in the military. As a soldier, nurse, and most importantly a father Joe is always determined to leave the situation a little better for his having been involved. From urban and jungle combat operations, acute care hospital emergency nursing, through coordinating health care services in hurricane relief operations Joe draws upon a wide variety of experience to help students to develop the skills to “Master the Basics”.
Aaron Herschman, Founding Partner, Chief Operating Officer:
Veteran US Army Infantry, 20 year service record, with multiple peace keeping and combat tours and extensive firearms training and management experience. This includes assignment to a Special Forces group, shotgun and pistol instructor, reflex fire and CQB tactics instructor, chief vehicle tactics instructor. Additionally, Aaron served for 12 years as a professional firefighter; Aaron has extensive leadership, training, and administrative experience as a non-commissioned officer both in the military and the public safety sector as a firefighter with specialty training in hazardous materials management and personnel extrication.

‘We do not rise to the level of our expectations.  We fall to the level of our training.’
Archilochus (Greek Soldier, Poet)