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Training Catalog

Women’s Defense Training

This women-only course is specifically tailored to shooting for women. It covers training for shooting sports and armed self-defense for women, shattering the illusion that these are “men’s only” activities.

Security Services

ADS offers multiple levels of security services ranging from unarmed and armed uniformed security, plain-clothed security for loss-prevention and low visibility security requirements, through personal and executive protections services. All of our security professionals are trained and evaluated for each role. Each member of the ADS team is chosen through a performance-based assessment program. Through the initial interview, training and final assessment, each member is evaluated by our veteran management team.

Contact us today to discuss how ADS can address your security needs. ADS has the staff and know how to satisfy every security requirement:

Gatherings small and large

Building and complex physical security and surveillance

Religious community and facility protection

Personal and group protection, escort, and transportation

Security Professional Training and Certification

Annapolis Defense & Security LLC is a licensed security agency and provides the highest quality training for initial certification and recertification of security professionals in the use of tactical batons, oleoresin capsisum (OC) spray, handcuffs, and handgun wear and carry permits. our instructors have extensive security, military, and law enforcement backgrounds and can accommodate a variety of schedules. We accept company purchase orders and have training service agreements available.

Private Detective Training and Certification

Learn the art and science of private investigation from professionally trained and experienced investigators. Understand the use of public and private databases, surveillance, interviewing and report writing techniques

Family & Personal Protection Training

During family and personal protection training, we take you through the basic techniques of communication, planning, and preparation in static and fluid situations in the home, office, and public settings. The training focuses on safety, risk mitigation, decision making, and plan execution.

Home and Workplace Safety

Natural and man-made events may result in halting a safe evacuation from a home, business or a school. Enhance the safety and security of our loved ones and the most important asset, your students and employees

Military and Law Enforcement

ADS has multiple program offerings for our police and military clients. We offer live fire training opportunities at our private live fire facility and can provide or facilitate force-on-force training through our certified Simunition program in our training center or on site.

Tactical Pistol and Rifle

Annapolis Defense & Security is proud to bring the training provided to professional warfighters. These drills and associated training are designed to identify areas of strength and highlight opportunities to enhance your firearms safety and skill set.

Self-Defense Training & Firearm Certifications

Become a confident gun handler with the help of Annapolis Defense & Security, LLC. We offer self-defense training and firearm certifications to teach you the skills you need. Contact us to receive more details.

Maryland State Police Certifications and Licenses

Annapolis Defense & Security LLC designed to meet both the newly required handgun qualification license requirements required for purchasing handguns after October 1, 2013; as well as the existing statutory requirements for security personnel, private detectives, special police, and to meet the training requirements required to apply for a concealed handgun permit. This training will include live fire coaching and certification.