Where Are The Students? (Or, come play in our shoothouse!)

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May 25, 2015
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July 15, 2015

Where Are The Students? (Or, come play in our shoothouse!)

Where Are The Students?

-Come play in our shoothouse

Starting a new business is tough in any industry, starting a new business oriented toward the firearms industry is a bigger challenge (put that business in Maryland and pile on some additional frustration!), add to that the challenge of introducing an entirely new concept in the mix and we have a great big hairy mess of a struggle.

Annapolis Defense & Security was cooked up a few years ago by Aaron and I and a few other former Grunts (that’s Infantryman for those not familiar with the lexicon) while we were discussing our dream jobs, and lamenting the lack of good training facilities outside of the military. With the help of a lot of great experience and skilled friends and a final nudge from my good friend Chris Field of King33 LLC (www.king33training.com) Aaron and I took the leap and opened the first of its kind (in Maryland) public safety and personal defense training facility.

We started with a handful of concepts, a slew of certifications, and a boundless imagination, and a plan to bring the folks of Maryland in to train for self-protection in the most realistic manner possible. We adopted Simunition, a product of General Dynamic-Ordinance and Tactical Division (See our FAQ) that is used across the country by law enforcement and military agencies to enhance training realism, as I often say in training, “Sim helps keep the realism flowing as there is a SIGNIFICANT disincentive to being shot. This product and our carefully designed Shoothouse and top notch instructors allow us to deliver training scenarios and exercises that are as realistic as can be done. Simunition is fired from actual firear,s that have been converted to chamber only the non-lethal Simunition. This also adds the realism of working with a gun, goes bang, spent casings eject (and bounce EVERYWHERE), magazines run empty, malfunctions happen, it’s just like the real thing, except for the need to roll EMS when someone is shot.

About that Shoothouse….For those that are not military or law enforcement a shoot house (sometimes called a live fire house or a 360 house of even a killhouse!) is, for simplicity sake…a house that you can shoot in…safely. The ADS Shoothouse was designed with Simunition in mind thus facilitating training. The Shoothouse is situate in an 1800 square foot warehouse, the entire training area is video monitored to augment the AAR (after action review) process. Each facet of the facility was thought through in detail. Built around a long central hallway, which we lovingly refer to as the Fatal Funnel, the Shoothouse is a collection of as many worst case scenarios as we could fit into one place. It has wide and narrow doorways, overlapping sightlines from those doorways (that means you can be seen from more than one room in many places in the Shoothouse), almost all of the sightlines are interrupted (that means that you can’t see around the corners and into the rooms without changing your vantage point) except for that long narrow fatal funnel hallway! The real kicker is that we built in a set of walls and doors that allow us to change the layout into several different configurations and even split it up into two totally separate structures. We have the home field advantage!

This fantastic facility and these awesome toys were built and collected for the purpose of bringing that place we were wishing for a few years ago to life for everyone to learn the way professionals learn. Which brings me back to the title of this post, Where Are The Students? Tight economies and employment issues explain a little bit of the issue but as I watch the debates rage about this optic or that AR furniture, or this upper versus that muzzle brake I am discouraged by the seeming assumption that inexperience can be countered through buying a “better” gun. In case you aren’t aware our training mantra was first written by Archilochus in circa 650 B.C.

We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training

This concept wit well understood by athletes and military and law enforcement professionals, it is honestly understood by anyone that has worked hard to develop ANY skill. Any challenging skill requires practice, when it comes to self-defense using a firearm or any weapon, you are required to apply multiple challenging skills as well as complex problem solving and decisions making together, to be executed simultaneously, in a matter of seconds. I’m ready to put money on the fact that there are very few folks that are going to be able to do that with their current level of training or training methods, in fact I am so willing to place that bet that I built this facility to provide a location to conduct, receive, and practice that level of training for anyone that is interested raising the level of their training to that of the level of their expectations.

Call, write, email, instant message, tweet, carrier pigeon, to find out more information about how we can custom tailor your training program, we can put together a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule of courses and practice drills to help you develop the skills that you feel that you want to have


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